Wrong Place

Regi Popelier
The Mara near the Sand river. A young female hippo grazing alone in the early morning wanders too far from the river and is surrounded by a clan of 20 ferocious hyenas. While not common prey for hyenas, she was in the wrong place at the wrong time and most importantly just too far from the river without her relatives. Inattention and lack of experience in particular brought her into this dangerous situation. Opposite, she falls within sight of a hungry hyena clan of about 20 animals. These large groups fear nothing and even lion males are attacked. After crossing the Sandriver, this was not without risk as the water level was quite high and although I was wearing shorts and standing on the seats in the car as we tried to cross the river I couldn’t avoid getting wet to waist height. But we managed to keep a close eye on the hyenas on this side of the river. They launched their attack and, as if on command, they began to bite the vulnerable hind legs of the poor hippopotamus, who stumble
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