Colors Of Fall

Regi Popelier
Denali NP is Alaska’s flagship and was on my bucket list for a long time. It is a special location and there is an abundance of animals of which the moose and grizzlies are the most important to me. During the 3rd week of September, when the fall colors are amazing, trees showing their best color range, the peaks of Mount McKinley and the nearby Alaska Range partially covered in snow. During this period, the Elks undergo a drastic change in behavior and their hormones run rampant. The Bulls stay in certain places during this period of rut and sometimes spar with each other quite vigorously. Bull elk are among the largest in the world and it is a unique experience to be so close to these impressive animals. Several males (bulls) photographed at mile 11 in the evening as they move between the young shoots of willow trees and the many low red shrubs (Diapensia) with large green conifers in the background.
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