The Past is forward / Lot's Wife

Christopher Jeauhn Bayne
The past is forward - Lot’s wife is a thought-provoking artwork that reflects on the lessons of the past and the hopes and fears of the future, particularly in the context of the pandemic. The artwork was produced during a time when the artist was discussing building plans with a close friend who was having a new apartment built. This experience, combined with the artist’s reflections on the pandemic, led to the creation of a piece that is both beautiful and haunting. The artwork features a range of elements, including building plans, forests of trees, textures of rust, and glowing mandalas. Birds take flight, symbolizing the hope and freedom of the future. Amongst the trees, goddesses roam, representing the power and resilience of the natural and spiritual world. However, in augmented reality, these goddesses crumble as if turned to salt for looking back, like Lot’s wife, symbolizing the dangers of dwelling too much on the past and failing to move forward.
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