Falling through time

Cynthia Howard
Oil Paint
In this painting a figure falls calmly through an endless galaxy, gently cocooned by a cascading piece of fabric. An abstract figure comprised of colourful shapes emerges from the realistically painted heroine, almost as though she is her spirit self or an alter ego. The torso of this abstract figure is pinched in the centre and shaped like an hour glass. This work is a meditation on time and being. Time can almost come to a stand still when we are incredibly present as I feel it does when I am meditating or intensely aware of what is happening around me. Or time can race by before we know it. This figure falling through a galaxy is about locating our time and place in the infinite and the passing, and embracing what is and embracing what may be. The abstract colourful figure emerging like a spirit or alter ego represents the vivid possibilities and pluralities of how we might express ourselves in the world.
$ 10200.00
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