Frilled Lizard- Public Installation

Ray Besserdin
Frilled Lizard is one of the paper sculptures along with Crocodile with Barramundi and Dancing Brolgas, a corporate commission for the Northern Territory Government, Australia in 2001, contributing to the spectacle of the ‘Journey of a Nation’ Federation parade. This event and sculptures were also featured on TV as one of the major events. The sculpture took six months of full-time work to complete and incorporates the equivalent of more than 15,000 sheets of A4 paper. Each form started as a flat cut-out which, once wet, was hand-moulded into the final shape. All my work is formed from sheet papers. The shape of each piece of flat paper must be exactly determined before it is sculpted and assembled into the body of the final dimensional sculpture. The result is what gives the work its uniquely faceted, unmistakably paper look.
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