A Tranquil Glade

Amanda Horvath
£450 "A Tranquil Glade" was inspired by a lovely forest close to my studio in the Peak District. The painting has colours of amber, red and gold with a mood of optimism and peaceful calm. The light falls through beautiful leaves while the delicate textures created with a palette knife create abstraction in the foreground. An original artwork, one of a kind, this painting has been created with high quality acrylic paints on deep edged canvas. I begin with observation of the place making notes and taking photographs to work from in the studio. From these beginnings I work intuitively, painting some base layers with a brush and then impasto techniques layer on layer applied with a palette knife. Harnessing optical mixing techniques employed by the impressionists and some of the methods of the old masters such as scumbling and glazing. I continue working until the painting reaches a natural conclusion. The result is a contemporary painting, which lies somewhere between abstraction and r
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