Reclaimed Wood #1

James Skuban
ENVIRONMENTALLY INSPIRED DESIGN THROUGH NATURE IN ART" This handmade quality expressionism with asymmetrical texture is a dynamic example of exploring Nature in art. The display of movement, form, and color is achieved by objects from our natural world...Driftwood. This visually stimulating work of art evokes the feelings of motion, flow, rhythm and energy associated with the elements of design. This aesthetically pleasing multidimensional work of art exemplifies the expressive potential of thoughts and emotions that coexist with the natural world. Quality and craftsmanship is reflective in the fact that many of hours of collecting, processing, and assemblage of Driftwood goes into the unique award winning original. The value of this print is enhanced due to the fact that only a limited amount of originals has been produced. All previous assemblages have been acquired by private individuals, collectors, and international corporations. Thank you for your admiration of my vision
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