A colorful Balcony of Feathers

Fernando Paramio
Although we do not realize it, amongst the first sounds that we hear when we arrive to a city are the birds’ singings. In my case, the first that caught my attention just after arriving in Melbourne was a bird couple two meters above me, calmly enjoying a perfect day. There they were, unaware of their importance to me, being the first time in my life that I saw birds like them. Until then, I was ignorant about their existence and I gaze at them as though they were a new species recently created. I found many other unknown birds in Australia. Others, also living in Europe, surprised me both in nature and the middle of the cities, replete with green areas, inviting birds to explore urban zones. This artwork shows an old European balcony that resembles a rickety birdcage. I image the great number of birds that could find rest in its structure.
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