Ankunft (Advent)

Jordana Rae Gassner
with the fore and mid-ground not holding detail it is a view into what is to come. We look at that space of blue and sort of cloudy wispiness and maybe think of a moment in future time that is known to be on the way... the moment passes then and we look forward to the next milestone or the next joy and the next neverending and it exists coincidedly with the now. We are human so sure our "power" is now we can be so much more when our thoughts are not scattered on past or future conversations happenings and yet at least for me those times on the horizon I am looking forward to.... such as planned events... a birth of a child a trip meeting a particular person.... they are all coming towards us on their way to converging in the same space and time and it brings me (and probably others) joy to think about them to create them.
Try it!

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