Birds of a Feather #1

Ray Besserdin
Work on paper
The Ragianna Bird of Paradise, known for its most spectacular display feathers inspired this paper sculpture artwork, created in the “impressionist sculptured paper” signature style of the artist. Set on a Spicers background stock with a colour wash setting reminiscent of being high in a rainforest canopy. The colours chosen are symbolic of the Red for Japan, the land of the rising sun. Freelife® Felt White 215gsm provided the base the red art and Stephen TM Chilled White 250gsm that for the yellow art to proudly showcase Spicers’ products. The sculptures require handmade papers for their unilateral sculptural capabilities, stretch, unique textures and colours that make the “artist’s palette”. Most are 100% cotton, hemp, flax or mulberry papers from varying sources in Europe and Asia. The mulberry Koziyuki, Kozos and fine 8gsm Tengushu are from Japan. Corporate commission for Spicers, Japan.
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