Rapturous Ascent

Ray Besserdin
Work on paper
Symbolic of a couple romantically spiralling upward in a flight of euphoric passion. The eagle represents the masculine and the hummingbird, the feminine. The swirling vortex suggests the rising, rotational motion of the bird’s rapturous arial dance. The backing is convex to have no visible corners, enhancing the illusion of being suspended in flight. Designed to fit a specially built niche commemorating the client’s first – paper – anniversary, situated right in the front entrance of their home. Sculptured from Hahnemuhle (Germany) 300gsm cotton NOT, Arches (France) 310gsm cotton, hot-pressed, mould-made papers for the body armatures with a variety of handmade, fine weighted, mulberry papers for the many hundred individually sculptured feathers. The eyes are layered with the top formed of 4gsm Kozo tissue, treated with methylcellulose to give almost glass-like transparency and life. The swirls are from a stiff 70gsm transparent, wood fibre stock. In private collection.
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