Sleeping Calf – Canvas Wrap

Rocco Chiara
I made this photograph with a 4x5 film camera in Belvidere, New Jersey. There was great difficulty in capturing this moment as the camera needed to be placed within a few feet of the sleeping calf. And shooting with a 4x5 film camera is no fast process. I framed the shot, focused, reached for my film holder, inserted the sheet of film and as I was doing this the mother cow was coming over to check on the calf. She nearly woke up the calf multiple times. Once I finally had my film settings right I was able to capture this unique moment, up close, on stunning 4x5 black and white film. I then took the exposed film back to the darkroom and developed it by hand. Once dry, I was able to wet scan the negative at high resolution to prepare for print.
Try it!

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