Balloon Rides

Mike Giannella
"Balloon Rides" is an abstract encaustic painting that depicts a dreamy sky with many shades of blues and whites, highlighted by suggestion of clouds in swirling kaleidoscope of colors. In the foreground, there are three hot air balloons soaring high up into the sky, with each balloon carrying its own unique design. As one takes in the beauty of this painting, they can't help but start to imagine what it would be like to be inside one of the balloons and begin to wonder where these colorful crafts could possibly be taking them. How long will their journey last? Will they reach higher than the clouds? What kind of sights will they see along their way? The depth and richness of this piece draws in the viewer as they explore its hidden depths. The ethereal brushstrokes imitate a sense of floating through the sky as if in one of those hot air balloons. There's a sensation of freedom and exploration as the hues intensify towards the topmost part of the canvas while still maintaining its li
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