Linus Coraggio
Linus Coraggio, 3d graffiti artist, founder of the Rivington School Sculptors Group and welded a massive post-apocalyptic sculpture garden of rusted metal that rose menacingly above Forsyth and Rivington Streets on New York’s Lower East Side. He was also the architect of the Gas Station (the performance space, after hours club and sculpture garden) that sat on Second Street and Avenue B well into the 1990s. These seminal downtown art spaces were the vanguard of wild autonomous art activism in the face of rapid gentrification. Coraggio is known for his abstract sculptur Corragio attended the Whitney Museum Studio Program in 1986 and has done sponsored large scale public art in Helsinki Finland, Rotterdam holland,, Lintz Austria,Nagoya and Osaka japan . He continues to make art and live on the Upper West Side of New York City, which has been his main base for over 50 years.
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