"Vibrant Escape"

Unknown Artist
Mixed Media
ANDROID OI, "Vibrant Escape" USD 2 300 # abstract art #photography #mixed Media for sale Android Oi, NYC visual artist and poet. "Android is something created by man and told what to do. … Android is the program of how you are made… to do certain things. You are expected to do certain things: with family, friends, socially, everything. The Oi... is a rebellion.” The pieces he creates now are composed of intricate layers. Android begins by painting the base, then pasting printed Photoshop images on top, and layered once more with paint. Hidden within the body of the canvas are bits of poetry, often riddled in anagrams, and coded metaphors. “My style is a mesh of things together. It is a mash-up.” He explained. "I love bodies... the human form. Especially woman. Women are the most beautiful creations in this world.” Best known by his iconic image of a vacant-eyed android mistress surrounded by a rose, he chose the piece to represent himself after getting feedback from his peers, mostly w
$ 2300.00
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