Summer in Italy

Mike Giannella
Summer In Italy is an encaustic painting of a sunflower composed in vibrant, warm colors. The artist has used a stylus and wax-based paints to add texture and depth to the artwork. Radiant yellows and oranges are painted onto the canvas to create an image of the sunflower's beauty and its playful nature. The background of bright sky highlights the warmth that radiates from this piece. Capturing the feeling of walking through Italian countryside during summertime, this painting is sure to bring joy and comfort into your home or workspace. The sunflower stands tall amongst the summer breeze, radiating its vibrant yellow hues with grace and poise. The use of wax-based paints brings out the texture of the flower petals while adding a richness to the overall artwork. By using soft brushstrokes, a sense of delicacy can be seen in each petal as if it is gently swaying in the breeze. Whether you hang it in your living space or office, Summer In Italy will bring brightness, energy and life to
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