Oxford Water Tower – Black and White – Framed

Rocco Chiara
This particular photograph has a very unique story. Originally, I went to the town of Oxford, New Jersey to photograph the famous "Shippen Manor" building. When I arrived, the light just wasn't cooperating so I thought that while I was there I would try to make a photograph of the old abandoned water tower. This water tower is both loved and hated by locals for many reasons. As you came down the hill into Oxford, that was one of the first things that you saw. For better or for worse, it was a part of the local history. I was photographing the water tower and all of a sudden a beautiful beam of sunlight shot through dark clouds, through an opening in the trees and illuminating the water tower. This gave the structure an amazing sense of dimension and contrast against the clouds behind it. It was one of those light moments that could never be recreated. Shortly after this photograph was taken the water tower was torn down.
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