Five Dice Starry Nights

Andre Brik
As far as I remember, my parents liked to go out at night many times a week. I was about 6 or 8 years old then, so couldn't be home alone, but didn't have a nanny either. So when they were out, I slept at my grandma's. My grandmother lost too many people during the war and maybe that’s why she could be a little bit moody and resentful at times. But not with me. She was always kind, took care of me with great affection and treated me like a prince when I was sleeping over at her house. First, she cooked me a delicious meal. Then dinner came out and dice came in. She was not in the habit of watching TV so we spent hours playing Yam until I got sleepy. Yam, Yahtzee, Yatzy, Kniffel, General or simply 'dadinhos' (little dice in Portuguese) is a clever adaptation of a poker game using common dice. At that time, I didn't realize how important that was to both of us. Grandma and grandson, keeping each other company, to the sound of five dice rattling in a glass cup.
Try it!

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