Onion Matryoshka

Andre Brik
As any grandmother, mine showed affection for her grandchildren through delicious dishes. In many of them, the ingredients included lots of onion. Recently, when I was trying to make her famous matzo balls soup in her own kitchen (we live in the house that used to be hers) I felt the same aromas of my childhood when I spent hours listening to her stories while she cooked. While preparing my soup, I also noticed that the onion halves used in the recipe collapsed into domes that fit superimposed one inside the other, as in a matryoshka or babushka, the wooden dolls of eastern Europe. From that observation, I had the idea for this artwork's shape. This artwork is my tribute to all babbes, babushkas, omas, mammas and grandmas, and their delicious recipes of love.
Try it!

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