Bad Breath

Andre Brik
Tessellations are geometric divisions of the plane that create interlocking patterns used in architecture ornaments, fashion prints, and art, mostly known by the Dutch artist M. C. Escher artwork. The thing about tessellation art is that, mostly, the artist doesn't choose what to draw. He has to cut and paste pieces of geometric forms to create puzzle tiles that "recall" something (a fish, a horse) the same way kids play when looking up to the clouds. Hence the artist has to develop his drawing from what the "puzzle piece" looks like. I always wondered what Escher and other artists would do if they had access to such a powerful tool as a computer. I guess they would go nuts with the possibilities for experimentation, easy corrections, and optimization of time and resources. Since we have the privilege to use these tools, I think we should make the best out of them. We should mix old techniques (like tessellation) with new technology to achieve something fresh and original.
Try it!

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