Geometric Redux Study after Vermeer's Girl With Pearl Earrin

Andre Brik
For this series of studies, I tried to revisit some of my favorite masterpieces by painters I admire the most in a geometric redux reinterpretation/homage. To do that I start studying the work for a lot of time, observing every little detail of the painting, the palette of colors used, the contrasts between light and shadow, the shades, and the shapes. The next step was to develop a lot of sketches, trying to deconstruct the original composition into basic shapes. I searched for alignments, patterns, stylizations, reductions of colors and shapes up to a maximum point of formal simplification, just a step before the original work couldn't be recognized anymore. And then, I start putting the "puzzle" pieces together on the computer, fitting shapes and overlapping transparent gradients as in a vectorial "vellatura" so I could recreate the original artwork in my style.
Try it!

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