Frank Creber
Braces I liked the character of this boy, in fact it looks like he was leading a hard life, he seemed to be wearing shorts that were hand-me-downs that were too big for him held up by braces. He has a sceptical look in his eye and the stance is one of determination, he seems old for his age. I made this drawing with Indian Ink on 300 grams Heritage off-white paper, the drawing occupies the height of the paper, sometimes the image is off to one side a bit, but generally the image is fairly central. Every Saturday for a number of months I would make a number of Ink drawings, developing characters for my paintings. The drawings were often based on a found image and generally embellished and edited to bring out the essence of the personality and the body language. The series of drawings from 2020/2021 are working drawings and as such were being made to generate figures, with enough sense of volume and tonal contrast, to be used later in paintings.
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