Color (Elemental)

Michelle Louis
Did you know that color isn't really a thing? It's just your brain on "light." I love that. Color is a way the brain makes sense of the photons that collide with the retina. Our brains evolved to discern different colors to aid our survival. "Color" is from my "Elemental" series that expresses beginnings and evolution in the natural world on planet Earth. "Color (Elemental)," is a modern abstract of simple organic and geometric forms and gestural lines to create a sense of depth and flow. Its bold palette of red, blue, and yellow is tempered by a lovely neutral ecru/beige background. Its movement is energetic and eye-catching. Please see additional photos for details. Full size is 46H x 84W inches, leaving ample canvas to stretch on deep stretcher bars to its 40H x 78W x 2.0D image as shown. It is signed and back and ships in a tube. This is especially safe for oversized works. Rolled canvas can be easily stretched (placed onto wooden stretcher bars) by a local framer.
$ 5850.00
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