Whitstable Harbor

Frank Creber
I made the painting at Whitstable Harbour, it was a cold bright day in Autumn. I had painted at the harbour before, its an hour and a half from London and a great destination for a painting trip, it is one of several ports located in the Thames estuary, and still has mainly working boats moored in the harbour, local fishing boats bringing in daily catches and a dredger boat that unloads sand and shingle for use in the building trade. Whitstable was famous for its 'Native Oysters' which were collected from beds beyond the low water mark from Roman times until the mid-20th century. The annual Whitstable Oyster Festival takes place during the summer. In 1830, one of the earliest passenger railway services was opened[3] by the Canterbury and Whitstable Railway Company. In 1832 the company built a harbour and extended the line to handle coal and other bulk cargos for the City of Canterbury. The railway has closed but the harbour still plays an important role in the town's economy.
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