Family at West Bay Harbour

Frank Creber
This painting began at West bay in Dorset, back in August when we did a family holiday, and excursions to various locations to do paintings. I have been making small canvases out in the townscapes and countryside and then developing them in the studio, adding figures to create character based narratives. Small harbour towns like West bay are a magnet for tourists in the summer, there's a hub of activity in the town for the summer months, many cafe's and restaurants open, plenty of shops and the fishermen continue to come and go, almost regardless of the weather and the changes of the seasons. When painting outdoors I find I pick up on the vibe of the location and have time to notice people going about their daily routine, in West Bay, there just a few fishing trawler boats and then quite a large number of local small two person fishing boats. I tried a few different combinations of figures in the space and decided on this group that reminded me of people that stopped and talked to me.
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