After The Heat

Sam Cousins
Art Makers
VR artwork is displayed larger than actual artwork size. ACTUAL DIMENSIONS ARE H 204cm x W 115cm x D 5cm Price GBP £2000 These large scale works are figurative, but do not categorise easily, they are from interior, symbolic spaces. I try to make the pieces visually rich so that the viewer continues to be surprised and find new things in them. They are narratives that come from thinking about an issue or question, but they are not illustrations. The titles give a clue to the narrative thread of the thinking behind them, but you are invited to put your own narrative and interpretation on them. In this way they can act as a mirror, if you question your assumptions about them and ask yourself why you think of them as you do. Acrylic, wax on restoration paper Weight - 16kg FRAMED (black) Price for UNFRAMED work £1800 Certificate of Authenticity
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