Aegean Blood

Sherri Bustad
I live on Naxos Island in the Aegean.The sea is my life blood. The profundity of the Aegean Sea existing and flourishing for thousands of years, supporting the Kycladic islands and the people living on them, is the life blood of the islands . The Aegean Sea is magnificent in color. It is turquoise, midnight blue, transparent blue topaz. There is a magical energy field where the artist lives and works on Naxos Island and therefore her artworks suggest this element of water in many of her pieces. Aegean Blood came about as the artist was traveling to the USA for an exhibition in Palm Springs, CA. She wanted to 'bring the sea with her'. As a result the artwork was suspended, unframed, with fishing lines from the ceiling so that the movement of water would be felt by the movement of the canvas itself.
$ 11000.00
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