Manyana Beach

Stephanie Fuller
This painting depicts an aerial view of a beach scene that is a highly romantic portrayal of a modern concern for our coastlines in an age of climate change. The aerial view perspective of this series of paintings adds a sense of voyeurism and intrigue. At first the paintings were of specific places. Over time imagination and a somewhat hazy memory has combined particular beaches and rocky outcrops to form these new landscapes that appear to be real places. Not unlike a Mandelbrot inspired landscape, I have used visual and geometric intuition to form these new seascapes that don’t exist. In the this series there is a distance in the involvement with the subject: the viewer and the painter are in effect spying on bathers. The leisure seekers are blissfully unaware and clearly unselfconscious about being viewed from above. The paintings gradually make us aware that we too, when cavorting in the open on a cloudless day, can be seen even when we seem to be alone.
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