Skovsø - Forest Lake

Poul Christensen
The Forest Lake is from Mariager, a beautiful spot in Denmark, it looks like spring but is actually fall. This place is one of my favourite spots. The place has an interesting story from the medieval period first about a hermit living there only with a bed of rocks in the Hermits Hut and later about a witch living in the petite house just across the lake. Both stories adding a mysterious ambience. I love the depth in the photo itself and this is further enhanced by the 6 mm acrylic glass, almost making a 3D effect. The piece is printed on Fuji photo paper, mounted behind 2 mm acrylic handpolished glass and the backing is made sturdy with a 3 mm aluminium dibond. On the back a hanging rail is mounted, ready for you to hang on the wall.
Try it!

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