The Peace of Whales

Stephanie Fuller
Finding your inspiration is one of the key elements in creativity. When I think of a whale I hear their songs. I feel their movement. When I lived on the south coast of New South Whales I saw many whales each migration season. Scanning the sea is something I still do here in my new home on the Kent Coastline. My cold water swimming friends often mention it. I know the days they would be out there if there wasn’t all that shipping traffic passing through the Channel. This week instead we had a headless seal on the beach! I paint these creatures to remind us of the importance of our oceans and seas and the creatures that live in them. The Peace of Whales is the first watercolour of a whale I’ve done and the first in a new series of whale paintings. The Peace of Whales Watercolour on Artistico Traditional Watercolour paper 56 x 77 cm
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