Morning Surf

Deborah Chapin.
Original Plein air Painting by Deborah Chapin entitled "Morning Surf" 14x30 plein air oil. There is nothing like painting the surf on location where you become part of what you are painting. The wind and surf spray mix together with the cold morning chill all becoming part of the painting. Sometimes you are successful and have a chance to really just enjoy being alive and revel in the moment. This is one of the lessons that the wildlife demonstrates every time you go out on location. Sure there are harsh environments and bad weather days but what a thrill it is to fly along the surf on a bright summer’s morning. This was painted on Carolina's outer banks, a beautiful morning scene with fresh breezes and clear air.  Everyone was strolling by as I painted this piece and stopped to admire what I was doing, one of those perfect moments in time.  A painting that goes well with rustic chic, cottage style framing or elegant gold leaf.   Your choice. 
Try it!

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