Charles Pedone
As a Pisces I have always been drawn to our great oceans. Always contemplating the mysteries that lie beneath. Being fortunate to work for several years in the Caribbean, I was always captivated by our aquatic world - so calm, tranquil and yet oblivious to the chaos of humanity. The thought that we as humans may not be doing enough to protect our life-giving expansive utopia always saddened me.I recall once while snorkelling off Bonaire how the water went from shallow to dark descending depths in an instant and I wondered what secrets lay hidden beyond the darkness. I find a thrill in the unknown just like the mysteries of our cosmic universe, secrets yet to be discovered. Atlantis, the legendary lost city that has captivated explorers since time immemorial, is the main theme of my new series of work. I would like to invite you on this abstract journey to Atlantis with me. Discover the beautiful remains of an ancient civilisation, immortalised in ornate organic artwork that could be
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