Trapped Horseshoes Crabs in Love 邂鱟情網

Wong Sui Xin Daphne 黃遂心
Wildlife 生態組 Merit 佳作 Bearing the weight of their reproductive mission, a pair of fiddler crabs, with the male crabs clinging tightly to the baack of their female companions, journeyed through the tide in search of the perfect spawning ground, only to be caught in a net in a mangrove forest. As their lives were hanging in the balance, they needed rescuing urgently from the prolonged exposure to the sun, or they may have the same fate as many other creatures in Hong Kong and throughout Asia that are innocently entangled by abandoned fishing nets washed ashore. This can endanger precious oceanic and coastal ecosystems. 雄性馬蹄蟹緊緊勾著雌性馬蹄蟹的背部,牠們背負著繁殖下一代的使命,隨著潮漲一起往上潮帶走去,尋找適合產卵的地方。但是來到紅樹林底下,這對馬蹄蟹被一張巨大的鬼網纏住了。如果沒有人及時將牠們救出,最終有可能會因為長時間暴曬而死亡。 這種情況在香港和整個亞洲十分常見,廢棄的漁網被沖上岸後,會卡在高潮線上和紅樹林中,纏住許多生物,包括馬蹄蟹,有可能導致海洋和海岸生物的傷亡。
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