Family Love 親子樂

Ka Hung Sang 賈洪生
Mobile Photography 手機組 1st Runner Up 亞軍 Looking down from the upper level of the park at the vibrant orange heart-shaped landmark below, I saw a pair of young children, accompanied by their mother, joyfully sing and play. With their mother's love, the children were growing happily and healthily, a very heartwarming scene. 上層公園里看到一個心形景觀,俯瞰地下橙紅色的地標上,一雙少年兒童,在其母親陪伴下歡歌嬉戲。母親的愛心,令到兒女健康快樂成長。整個場景呈現了親情融融的畫面。
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