The Disappearing Roasted Chestnut Cart 留不住的炒栗子車檔

Cheng Wai Shing 鄭偉誠
People 人物組 2nd Runner Up 季軍 Emerging with time, the iconic roasted chestnut cart is iconic of Hong Kong's street food culture, but it is disappearing with the passage of time in the current tide of rapid urban development. The aroma of these chestnuts may soon become a cherished scent of nostagia, evoking memories of a bygone era. 隨時間而出現,卻又隨時間慢慢變少的炒栗子車檔,是香港街邊飲食文化。但在城市發展洪流下,或者不消多久,炒栗子車檔的香氣,就只會變成大眾回憶中的氣味。
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