Porta Aurea

André Romijn
Romijn Art
It is a great pleasure to let you know that I'll be one of the selected artists participating in the prestigious XIV Florence Biennale which will take place from 14 untill 22 October 2023 Fortezza da Basso in Florence (Italy). The theme 'I AM YOU' will focus on the concepts of individual and collective identities in their multiple philosophical psychological sociological and cultural meanings. This painting will be one of my exhibited works. This painting titled 'Porta Aurea' is made with oil cold wax pastel pencil 24K Gold leaf on board. Porta Aurea: Where Confidence and Mystery Converge In the realm of art that bridges mediums and ignites emotions ‘Porta Aurea’ emerges as a breath-taking example of multi-media mastery. The canvas becomes a tapestry of oil paint gold leaf and pastel interwoven with the enigmatic essence of a young woman who gazes boldly into the viewer's soul. The title ‘Porta Aurea’ meaning the Golden Gate only scratches the surface of the golden mysteries and secrets that lie within. At the heart of this grand tableau stands the young woman her nakedness protected by an ethereal coat symbolic of vulnerability wrapped in strength. Her eyes the darkest poo
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