Ansa The Last Queen of the Lombards

André Romijn
Romijn Art
Ansa the last Queen of the Lombards A compelling artwork crafted by the esteemed artist André Romijn presents the imaginative portrait of Ansa a significant historical figure who was married to Desiderius (756–774 AD) King of the Lombards. This captivating depiction unfolds against the backdrop of a marble slab reminiscent of the unearthed treasures from the excavations in the church of SS Giovanni e Reparata in Lucca. Ansa's narrative is one of notable achievements. In approximately 753 she established the St. Michele and St. Pietro monastery in Brescia a foundation that would profoundly shape her legacy. As her husband ascended to royal duties the couple's journey led them to Tuscany where Desiderius earned the title of 'Duke of Tuscia.' With Desiderius eventually securing the throne after King Aistulf's passing Ansa's role evolved to that of queen marking a period of active partnership with her husband particularly in religious pursuits. Astute politics devout piety and resplendent beauty Brescia became a canvas for Ansa's endeavours. The initial monastery she founded grew under her nurturing hand into the esteemed Monastery of San Salvatore. She endowed it with exceptional r
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