Fatamorgana (2023)

Mie Tjien
Fatamorgana (2023) Price After Request gloylefancy@gmail.com Project Description: Emotion is an intense feeling aimed at someone or something. Emotions are also reactions to a person or event. Emotions can be shown when you feel happy about something, angry to someone, or fear. Humans are dynamic creatures. Emotional topic. Every human being has the same opportunity, in feeling emotions. But sometimes, there is something that can change or even destroy emotions, and that is—time. In a matter of days, hours, even seconds, humans can change emotionally. What started out as happy, turned into sadness. Unpredictable time, sometimes makes humans feel anxious, to the point of fear. This work tries to convey that human emotions can be controlled by time. This work presents a perspective on emotions that can be controlled by time: Like a love story that is constructed, and limited by death.
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