Wenatchee Layers

Glenn King
Being a landscape photographer, I always aimed to capture the beauty of the world in a unique way. However, the forest fires that occurred in the Wenatchee Valley in August of 2019 brought unprecedented challenges. Despite the smoke and haze that enveloped the entire region, I was determined to get the perfect shot and find beauty during such a difficult time. As I stepped out of my car, the air quality hit me, and the smoke and acrid smell overwhelmed me. I put on my mask and eye protection and hiked towards the edge of Badger Mountain from Clark Road. The walk was treacherous, and the crackling of dry tumbleweeds mixed with my labored breathing made the risk more palpable. The view was eerie yet surreal; the smoke shrouded the mountains, and the sun was a red orb barely visible through the haze. But I didn't let the danger or the stay-at-home health recommendations stop me. I found a way to stay safe and continue with my mission. Finally, I reached the edge of Badger Mountain and
Try it!

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