2 on Stilts Mystic Mali

Viktor Lindholm
“Cirque de Soleil” Mali style! The photographer walked nearly 15 kilometres to find this remote animist stilt-walking tribe living amongst the rocks. They are very talented people. We hope their traditions don’t disappear. They were kind enough to dress in their traditional celebratory costumes and allow these wonderful images to be captured for eternity. The stilt-walking Dogon tribesmen of Mali represent such deeply rooted traditions. Predominantly, animists believe in a complex collection of spirits and rituals. The stories these men tell are mind-blowing. This piece is available as a Ltd Edition photograph, custom-sized print or custom-sized canvas. The Ltd Edition Photographs are produced in the highest grade Fuji 'C' Type Gloss professional paper. The frames are hand-made from solid hardwood and hand assembled and shipped from our Artisan partners in Germany. Prints are available in custom sizes and are sent from our trusted partners in the US.
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