Fragile Planet 3 - Fragile Earth

Kathy Rooney
Acrylic Paint
Kathy Rooney is a late comer to art practice having only started to learn to draw and paint after two eye operations completely transformed her vision in terms of clarity, detail and the perception of colour. Having studied at London’s City Lit, including their Fine Art pathway, she took the MA in Fine Art at Middlesex University which she completed in December 2022. Her graduation portfolio included four canvases (two of which are shown here), which marked the start of a series entitled Fragile Planet, a visual meditation on our human-induced climate crisis. Each canvas is 150x150cm, acrylic on canvas. The third image is a light-hearted January experiment with colours and masking. In the price the postage is not included https://Instagram/kathy.rooney28
£ 350.00
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