Celestial Aunt

Stephanie Fuller
Oil Paint
Celestial Aunt Oil on canvas 40 x 40 in (101.5 x 101.5 x3.8 cm) © Stephanie Fuller (Burns) 2023 "As I get older, living things seem to have more personality to me. The flora and fauna around us beg to be seen in our world of overpopulation and climate change. To jolt us out of our stupor. Over three decades, the majority of my work has addressed the fragility of life, frequently through flowers, both sculpted and painted. Creating works about life and death within a well-traveled art subject, such as flower paintings, allows me to take a new and fresher look. For each age, the subject has different inspirations and aspirations." Stephanie Fuller This flower painting is almost figurative, with the flower represented as having a personality even a sexuality. My flower paintings are inspired by an obsession with life and death as traditionally represented by Still-lives. This flower is more than just a pretty decoration; it is something fundamental to our planet. That is both fragile
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