Pathways #1

Mike Giannella
My painting "Pathways" was created using an encaustic technique known as accretion. For this process, I applied multiple layers of hot wax onto the canvas, and allowed them to cool before brushing on additional layers. Through this laborious and time-consuming process, I gradually built up a thick texture within the wax which gave the painting its unique character. The abstract work consists mainly of blues and whites, which form pathways maneuvering throughout the painting, while contrasting reds, yellows and oranges bring the painting together. As I was creating Pathways, I wanted to explore the concept of how each of us take different paths throughout our lives. By depicting a seemingly infinite array of pathways, I wished to capture the idea that though we can all take different directions in life, all journeys are intertwined with one another. Pathways is an exploration into how we many traverse various paths before reaching our destinations.
$ 350.00
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