Lilly is a 10 part piece that represents in my minds eye the life of Queen Elizabeth II, you can see from the first one that it goes from a period of privilege in which we all know she was born into but it was a well known fact that it wasn’t supposed to be her father who was going to be king so we see that she is encased in that golden cloud of privilege nothing more but as her life wore on she started to be encompassed by that privileged and we see that by the end of her life she had developed some sort of divine spark which was due mostly to the fact of her longevity and the mystery plus aura she was able to surround herself in and this projects during her lifetime , there also we also see the dark spots, the slivers of darkness that thickens as her life and reign wears on, these slivers represent the rumours, all the insinuations, all the conjectures from the public who were not able to be privy to what was happening in her life and hence a lot of things were made up about her
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