Desert Sand

Ana Sosa
Ana Sosa
This photograph, which I have titled Desert Sand, was taken at Starvation Lake, UT. After swimming and contemplating this scenery, I connected so much with the surroundings that I decided to take a picture. If you have never swum in a desert beach, this is my experience. It was a hot summer day; the breeze was not felt. After several hours of exploration along the lake, the invitation to dive into the cold waters was not long in coming. Between sand and clay, I slowly entered the crystal-clear water. As I closed and opened my eyes, my feet sank into the cold mud and the water turned a turbulent color. Oh no, what is this! It was a feeling of fear, my legs kept sinking, scared and unable to see the slippery ground where I was standing, bravely continue with the adventure. After a few seconds, I happily reached a level of water that allowed me to swim. While swimming in the deep water, I was very happy to enjoy the crystal clear and refreshing waters of Starvation Lake.
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