Ready to Strike

Regi Popelier
Neal, my son, and I left as usual before dawn at the place where we spotted the leopard female the evening before. While waiting and listening to the noises rumors carried by the wind a herd of impala approached the tree, Made mojo ( name of the leopard ) meaning the spotted one , undoubtedly heard the noise or was it the smell of the impala. She descended slowly from the upper branches While she came down or eyes crossed , be it for a fraction of time , shivering of the intensity and being aware of the sheer power and aggressions these animals present, it was a once in a lifetime experience which I was able to encounter on a close distance. We drove slowly backwards not to interfere the behavior of her and her eventual prey Image taken at Ruaha NP Tanzania. It is true that when one sees a leopard in the wild, it is a fleeting moment of transcendence that grips us.
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