Misty Walk

Regi Popelier
Elephants are the largest land mammals and are an integral part of India’s history, mythology, tradition, culture and religion. They are the true masters of the jungle. Other than us humans, they are the only creatures capable of changing their ecosystem and landscape. The Elephants, living in the foothills of the Western Himalayas, migrate once a year from Rajaji National Park to the east and all the way to Nepal Tarai. At the end of March, until mid-April, about 300 animals come together in the Jim Corbett NP. On the morning of April 11, I was lucky enough to see a fog-shrouded environment in which a group of elephants make their way through the grasslands of Dhikala. These pastures, called chaurs, represent about 10% of the core area and provide an ideal pasture for the wild elephant population. A rare moment!
Try it!

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