Last Sunrays

Regi Popelier
As a wildlife photographer, an encounter with lions in their natural habitat is definitely something that should not be missing on the bucket list. As with all wildlife, encounters are never guaranteed, even in areas considered hotspots. However, the Mara in Kenya is an exception and therefore the reason for a tremendous increase in tourism. The question must be asked to what extent the lives of these animals are not (negatively) affected. For many years, the Mara in Kenya has been a permanent place for me and I always go out with the same Masai guide. Masai guides are born in the Mara, their region. They know the habits of the animals and usually know where they are. Photo: A rising thunderstorm one October evening sets the scene of dark clouds gathering together, obscuring the sky. A few rays of sun still come through the cloud cover, a lonely lioness watches the spectacle from a safe place on a tree felled by lightning.
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