Evening Colors

Regi Popelier
Patagonia, a rugged area of ​​400,000 square miles in the foothills of South America (located in the lower parts of Argentina and Chile). A special place for photography, the ever-changing cloud cover dotted with all the colors of the rainbow, the flower-strewn alpine meadows and jagged mountain top glaciers that stretch as far as the eye can see. Especially the very rapidly changing weather conditions can make you experience the 4 seasons in one day, which can sometimes produce spectacular images. Home to the guanaco and the cougar, both are among Patagonia’s most iconic animals. With its long neck and its beautiful caramel-colored coat, they are the figurehead of Patagonia. Still, the prospect of their future survival, like many other large mammal species worldwide, is under threat. Photo: Guanaco on a ridge in an incredibly celestial palette of evening colors near the Fitz Roy.
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