Intimate Moments

Regi Popelier
In 2013 my friend Mr Wong invited me to join a 6 weeks expedition through Malaysia going up to Borneo which I gladly accepted. The goal of this journey was crossing the country, getting an understanding of Malaysia’s splendid nature and its stunning wildlife. Mr Wong, born Malaysian was the perfect guide showing me besides nature also culture and folklore, while visiting many friendly local people in different parts of Malaysia. My principal interest where the wide range of primates more particularly the proboscis monkeys and Urang Utangs. Endemic to Borneo, found almost exclusively in a mixed mangrove forest but threatened by permanent destruction of their habitat. Close encounters with these monkeys can be done in the privately run Proboscis monkey sanctuary at Labuk bay. During feeding time many monkeys come close, sometime offering good photo opportunities. We spent the entire day simply admiring these amazing primates. Image : intimate moments of a mother with baby.
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